New_1_DSCF4493I am in private practice specializing in Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Group Psychotherapy and Teaching and Speaking engagements.
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Individual Psychotherapy

I focus on the internal dynamics that are keeping you stuck in ineffective patterns that are interfering with reaching your potential in relationship and work-life. I approach psychological growth as a collaborative venture between you and me.  We agree to embark on a journey that enables our understanding of your story and how your story has brought you to a place where attending to your emotional well-being is now on the forefront.  Like a jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces, together we turn the pieces over and begin the process of making meaning out of what is in front of us.  As the puzzle comes together, you find yourself moving into greater emotional freedom.  You loosen your grip on old, tired patterns and behaviors that are no longer effective in your life, relationships and work.  You are then more able to choose a life path that matches your authentic self.

“Sweet End: Couples Therapy Dedicated to Solidifying and Reviving Connection”

Weekend intensives available for out-of-state couples.

Having trained and been certified at the Master’s Level with the Relational Life Institute out of Boston, I do not practice traditional couples therapy.  As a Relational Life Coach, I offer an intensive model based on the work of Terrence Real.  During our sessions, we get to the heart of the matter with extraordinary speed and precision. The process of change is accelerated in order to move the couple to a more satisfying way of relating.

This condensed modality is effective for

  • couples looking to strengthen their connection with relational skills and tools;
  • couples who have hit a barrier as to the next step in their relationship;
  • couples who are on the “brink” and are willing to give it “one more try” before calling it quits.

Hours for couples therapy are available on weekends and evenings as well as weekdays.

”I cannot speak more highly about Ginger’s approach to couple’s counseling. My fiancé and I arrived seeking guidance and tools to establish the sturdiest foundation possible before our upcoming marriage. Ginger taught us communication techniques and the necessary perspective to continue to solidify our relationship, guiding us in the direction of growing together, learning and supporting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The journey of marriage is unpredictable, but I will be forever grateful to Ginger for opening this door and providing a resource that will undoubtedly serve us for the rest of our lives.” – Former Client

“When I first called Ginger to obtain information regarding therapy, I thought she was incredibly expensive and the commute would be annoyingly burdensome.  As it turned out, the commute was burdensome, but she turned out to be quite affordable as she saved our marriage.  People forget that divorce is even more expensive than therapy and failure to live life to the fullest cannot be measured…Not only did Ginger teach us how to fall in love again, the process helped with all of our relationships…hiring Ginger was the best decision we have ever made together.” – Former Client

“Prior to finding Ginger Sullivan, my spouse & I had used a number of therapists over the course of our almost 30 year marriage with varying levels of effectiveness.  We found Ginger’s approach to be more than just the usual – so how did that make you feel?  Rather, Ginger is insightful & is a quick read in analyzing the blockages that are occurring in the relationship. As a result, based on that insight, Ginger ends up being less expensive in the long run when retaining a therapist. Regardless, my spouse & I agree that Ginger is cheaper than getting a divorce & is worth every penny.” – Former Client

Modern Analytic Group Psychotherapy

Having been trained with Lou Ormont and the Center for Group Studies in New York City, I offer group therapy that works primarily in the here-and-now.  This modality of immediacy serves to enable group members to learn to cope with problems and to take more from life.  The group member finishes with not simply with a superior capacity to relate to others, but also with more inner comfort and with a far better ability to realize his/her own potential.  Effective group therapy enables people to make inner adjustments that enhance one’s love and work.

Groups are scheduled conveniently around work hours.  In addition, group therapy is a cost-effective form of psychotherapy.

A Process Group for Therapists

Nourish yourself among your professional peers.

Join us in a work- and life-friendly process group for therapists.


Ginger Sullivan, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA

Are you a therapist who wants to…

  • Cultivate supportive connections with colleagues?
  • Deepen conscious and unconscious clinical attunement?
  • Manage therapeutic impasses confidently and constructively?
  • Address transference and counter-transference encounters with ease?

In a confidential setting of your peers, in the here-and-now experiences of a group, enhance your clinical expertise, resilience and confidence. Join our process group for therapists; infuse your clinical practice with new energy. Earn Category B CEU’s.

One session per month

Friday Afternoon: 2 to 4 PM

Fee for a 2-hour session: $150.00

Initial Dates: February 24th and March 24th

Ongoing sessions will be scheduled together


Where:  Office of Trish Cleary: 5119 Bradley Boulevard, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Trish: trishcleary@comcast.net  301-654-4936  &  Ginger: vmsmail@aol.com  (202) 265-5855

Visit our websites to learn more about us: www.trishcleary.com & www.gingersullivan.org

Register now. Space is limited.

 A Couples Therapy Group


Ginger Sullivan, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA

Create the relationship you desire and deserve… 

  • Learn to build a nourishing partnership.
  • Break free of painful and stuck interactions.
  • Manage conflict effectively and constructively.
  • Experience authentic interactions with each other.
  • Discover the power of heartfelt emotional connections.

As Couples and Group Psychotherapists, we are skilled in providing a safe and supportive environment for relational growth. We invite you to join us in a work- and life-friendly couples group. Take time to slow down together, identify what you need and infuse your relationship with new energy.

Meets approximately once every month

Saturday mornings: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Fee: $300.00 per couple for each 2-hour session

Initial Start Dates:  February 25th, March 25th & April 22nd 

Ongoing monthly dates to be scheduled together as a group

Where: Office of Trish Cleary: 5119 Bradley Boulevard, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Trish: trishcleary@comcast.net  301-654-4936 & Ginger: vmsmail@aol.com  (202) 265-5855

Visit our websites to learn more about us:  www.trishcleary.com & www.gingersullivan.org

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Making Love Work FB pic

Falling in love is easy.

Making love work is an entirely different matter.

Imagine if you could take your relationship to the next level in just one day.

In this workshop, a combination of lecture, role-play and experiential work is used to help participants invest in the long-term maintenance and growth of an intimate partnership.

After all, you deserve a cherishing relationship.   Let me show you how to get the love you want.

All participants will learn how to: 

  • Identify their specific “working edge”
  • Develop healthy listening and responding techniques
  • Use the essential skills to get a relationship unstuck
  • Move connection toward greater depth and satisfaction

The lessons on living and loving relationally are extraordinarily effective and the results are quickly evident.  Whether you are newly in partnership, hopelessly stuck in an old dynamic or just wanting a boost toward a greater loving connection, this workshop is for you.

This workshop is ideal for both individuals and couples.

Price for Singles $179, Price for Couples $279


Space is limited.  Register now!

Credentials and Qualifications

In Private Practice since 1996

Certified Group Psychotherapist, American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2000

Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Washington Center for Psychoanalysis, 2000

Certified RLT Coach, Relational Life Institute, 2012.  Master’s Certified, 2014.

Adjunct Professor, Montgomery College, 2010 to Present

Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2016 to Present

License # PRC1202, District of Columbia