Enjoying Life’s Plum

By most counts, I am still a young woman yet I can already tell you that I don’t like this aging thing. It sucks.

My energy is no longer limitless. I don’t recognize my body in the mirror. Every day, simple things, frequently vacate my mind. In-style fashion would make me look ridiculous, like some call girl want-to-be. The idea of an evening out sounds fabulous until it comes to actually doing it. I’d much rather enjoy a quiet night at home, in my loose-fitting clothes, with close company and a glass of wine.

What the hell happened? I guess it’s just nature. Time ticking. The calendar flipping. Life, being what its meant to be – marked and limited. I get my turn and then I have to move over. There are new ones coming down the pike and I have to get off the ride.

But I still think it sucks. Put me down for that. I refuse to like this limited quantity thing.

But my feelings aside, I guess there is little I can do to stop the earth’s rotation and my human body from aging as a result. I am just not that powerful.

But I have thought of a go-around. My latest strategy to cheating the system. Ready? Living in the now. Fully, unabatedly, intentionally and consciously. Because when I do that, time seems timeless. I am not looking at my watch, or my phone or my day planner. I am too busy engrossed in living, wrapped up in all its ripe juiciness. Whether it’s through hardy laughter, engaging my craft or connecting intimately, at that moment, time stops mattering.

So, screw you, time. Yes, I surrender. You will win the war. My body will age, I will die and my life’s work will come to an end. But until then, I’m gonna win a few momentary battles. With awareness and abandon, I will squeeze out a plum or two. In all its deliciousness, I will honor what I got and make the best of this one-way ticket I am fortunate to have.


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