We’re All Chocolates in a Box

Humans are like chocolates in a gold shiny Godiva box. There is the outside showing – our appearance in created grandeur. And then there is the inside – whatever lies deep in the middle of our bonbon.

For some, what you see is what you get. Be it plain, delicious or dangerous, you can tell by looking at us what you will bite into. At least the taster is forewarned.

For some, we keep the mystery. Our appearance gives no clue as to our center. We surprise. For our middle is decadent. One bite and the chocolate connoisseur wonders where the hell you’ve been all his or her life. You are a gift waiting to be cherished. And lucky you, someone had the willingness – and the patience – to pick you out of the box and unwrap your treasure. Molten sweetness in the inner recesses, hidden from plain sight.

And then for some, an intricate outside hides dynamite. Just when you thought you chose the pick of the chocolate box, it proved to mask humanity at its worst. Be it empty or toxic (unavailable, affair, abuse or addiction), there was no sign that your chosen chocolate had such capacity. Surprise did not lean in your favor this time. One of life’s most painful falls.

Be it good or not-so-good, every relationship can teach you something. You grow a little wiser. Your taste buds sharpen. You learn when to hold tighter and when to let go. You figure out what works for you and what cannot. You discover the difference between what you must have and what you only want. You become an expert at the range and capacity of human character.

So, dive in, my friends. Chocolates abound. Just keep in mind that what you see is not always what you get. A label they should add to the outside of the candy box.

One thought on “We’re All Chocolates in a Box

  1. I absolutely love the metaphor and explanation. If only we knew what we were getting before we bit into it so hard. I fear however that even if we came with labels they would also need a warning that although some may start out sweet they may become bitter over time unless properly care for.

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