New Year. New You. New Decade.

Amateur, really. Everyone is doing that. Most of the posts on Facebook are about some new diet, pill or workout mirror.

Blah, blah, blah.

I am all for fresh starts. You get one every day. A chance to redo and do better. Start over. Stretch. Go higher. Longer. Be more. Of you.

I prefer the 12-Week Year. Because, my brain can’t wrap itself around 52-weeks. By week three, I have excused myself out of anything I might have wanted three weeks ago.

So, for my sorry ass, it’s smaller chunks – four times a year. I write down where I want to be – in my vocation, my body, my partnership, my spirit, my heart and my bank account. I look at it every morning, around 5-o’clock-ish. Right after my gratitude journal mixed with coffee. And right before a few pages of reading and a couple sit-ups.

That’s how I start my day, every day. January and October. September and April.


Are you ready?

No victims here. Despite your circumstances, you have the power to change your life. So, be ready. Be fucking ready. Your best you is waiting.

For the rise of your life …