The Road Out

The Road Out: Musings from a Southern Wanderlust features a collection of poignant essays about one woman’s quest to leave her southern culture behind in search of something more. Told in a memoir-like style, it speaks to the psychological underpinning of universal life truths. Inside, you’ll find moving moments, humorous anecdotes, and deeply personal accounts of Author and Psychotherapist Ginger’s winding journey to find herself and reconcile her feelings about her southern roots, her familial bonds, and her place in this world.

The Road Out: Musings from a Southern Wanderlust is a captivating account of the author’s life.  The memoir is written in the first person point of view; which made me feel like a friend was telling me about different experiences at different times in her life.  From the very first page up to the last, there wasn’t a single dull moment.  This can be attributed to two things: one being the author’s great ability to pull you in and completely immerse you in her world, and second, she has lived quite an interesting life.  I really enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to fans of the non-fiction genre, more especially those who love to read memoirs, because this one is a worthwhile read.
– A Professional Reader

I was hooked on this book from the preface, and I really related to you on a deep level about how showing our thoughts makes us human. After finishing the preface I was really interested to read the personal stories you shared and they absolutely didn’t disappoint! Your stories were wonderful. It’s clear that you opened your heart for these pieces and it shows. I felt your emotions and experiences through your words and that’s what makes writing great. Your struggles are both uniquely yours and incredibly relatable- readers will see themselves and their problems mirrored in your words and it will keep them coming back for more. This collection of essays is entertaining, engaging, and emotional. The Road Out was beautiful and truly a pleasure to read!
– A Professional Reader

Beautifully worded; A captivating read. The Road Out: Musings from A Southern Wanderlust is a collection of short stories or essays which reflect on the life of the author. From her childhood to late adulthood, she talks about the influences and external factors which shaped her life, events which altered her career path and led her in life to where she is now. Apart from brilliantly writing about her experiences, the author has also penned her thoughts beautifully regarding each experience, adding a sort of personal touch to the whole book. Well written and highly recommended as a light read on a calm, peaceful day.
– A Professional Reader

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The Road Out: Musings from a Southern Wanderlust