When your partner hits a bad ball, hit a better ball back. His/her misstep in the world of relational excellence is not your free pass to indulge your inner two-year old that wants revenge and relief.

Not if you care about the relationship, that is.

Rather, recognize your partner’s not best move for what it is – an act of self-protection that might have little to do with you. And, you make good move back on your side.

Hard? Yes. Mature? Absolutely.

And, your relationship is more likely to last if you take turns. Only one crazy at a time.

Now, don’t misread what I am saying here. We are talking sometimes and multi-directional. In other words, one of you is not a permanent ass. If your relationship is one where one person does not exist, one where the power is not evenly distributed, then run. Hitting a better ball will only make you a martyr, if you survive at all.

Otherwise, always work your side. Give better back. Aim to be that relational giant.

For the rise of your life …