As my journey as a psychotherapist took me more and more into the relationship world, I simultaneously became more of a geek. I have embraced my inner scientist.

Show me the data. Collect it over time. Look for patterns, systems, trends that will give both encouragement to the process and prediction for success.

You, my friends, need to do the same. Because committed partnerships are marathons. Some days you are gliding downhill, wondering why everyone warned you about love’s demands. Other days, you are crawling up Heartbreak Hill, asking yourself why you even entered the race.

Love is not supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be worth it.

But, evaluate the worth-it part with data over time. Because, moments fool. They can trick you into making stupid choices. But consistent information collected over time can give you the mean – does the benefit outweigh the cost? Is the investment of my heart, soul, time and energy panning out as a good one?

Take the long view but be wise. Geek it out for facts, not just feelings. Your heart will thank you.

For the rise of your life …