New Year, New You.

I hate that phrase. Because I hate that idea. Makes it sound like something is wrong with me. Like I need some kind of “new me.”

Screw that. I want to have – and appreciate – the old me. The one that climbed out of a difficult childhood and a more difficult marriage. The one that is raising two kids – one with special needs – solo. The one that bushwhacked a successful adult path unique to every female before me in my familial line.

I want to keep her around. She is going nowhere. And I hope that such is true for you too. For, I know that my story is commonplace. We all have struggled – even you.

Thus, as far as I’m concerned, no more “new me” for either of us. We’re going to keep the old one, thank you. In fact, as a new year dawns, I want you to stop and look around at the mighty view. You have climbed so far already and yet, often, can’t acknowledge the distance gained because you could only focus on the step right in front of you.

Camp out here for awhile so that you can relish in your strength. For you have mustered the hard work and perseverance necessary to get this far. You deserve a tall, golden trophy to go with your breathtaking view.

And yes, after stopping to congratulate awesome you, pack up your campsite and start that climb again. Not toward some “new you” but toward an even better you. For the journey is not over yet. There are more peaks to obtain, higher ground to seek, in becoming the best you possible.

But lest you forget, that best you will include all that has come before you. For, we don’t, can’t, ever erase. We can only keep transforming.

Yeah, let’s do that for 2017 … New Year, Becoming A Better You. I’m in for that.