Are you promotion focused or prevention focused?

Promotion focused refers to seeing a carrot, desiring it, and going after it.  We recognize our need for nurturance and care. We admit our hunger as a human being. We lean in and intentionally execute by turning our time, energy, and attention toward the treasured prize. We want to feel better, more, and alive. 

Prevention focused refers to preventing loss. Our basic security needs are not met. We are not okay or fear that we won’t be. Thus, we focus on our duties and obligations toward safety and protection. We remain vigilant as to have nothing bad happen. We are concrete as opposed to curious. Our primary target is the absence of a negative outcome. We want to avoid feeling bad.

Once we accept life on life’s terms, the inevitable good and bad, we grow tolerant of a wider range of feelings. With the bottom no longer feeling eternal, we develop trust in our ability to withstand pain. This emotional expansion births room for greater freedom to want and have more, resulting in joy. 

Promotion or prevention?

Yours for the choosing.