When you decide to courageously make a change in your life, any change, anticipate the Tug-of-War. Yes, it will be a bloody brawl between the Old You vs. the New You. The Old You is mightier. He or she has been around longer. Has stored ammunition. A fortified fortress. Your brain and behavior just go there. It’s automatic and easy. You can do the old behavior in your sleep.

Thus, if you really want transformation, we need to get the New You up to speed. We must quickly and solidly build new habits and behaviors that can withstand the Old You. Through consistent risk, practice and repetition, we can carve out new neural pathways toward a Better You. That Old You will be left raising that white flag.

But, expect that Old You to revolt. It always does. That’s why people struggle to change. Why they stay stuck in old destructive patterns. It is hard work to start, to outlast that dip in enthusiasm that always shows up in the middle and then to finish the job at putting that Old You down.

But you can do it. One day at a time. With encouragement from others and an eye locked on the prize, change is possible. A New You is out there waiting. Just grab hold and get in the game. Tug-of-war it is.