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Thirty Years Transforming Relationships, One Couple at a Time

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Couple’s Intensive Weekend

Get to the heart of your issues – fast.

It’s not too late.

Somewhere inside, you know that you should have sought help for your relationship six months ago. Or, perhaps you did seek counsel, and it was not effective.

You now feel more hopeless than ever before.

A Couple’s Weekend Intensive can get your relationship back on track.

Who Can Benefit from A Couple’s Weekend Intensive?

  • Those who want a condensed jumpstart to a new relationship and cannot wait for the many months it would take to get there …
  • Those who are too busy and need results yesterday …
  • Relationships that are bleeding out and cannot continue to do so…
  • Those who need to know if this is the right relationship to go forward with…
  • Those stuck in ambivalence. It’s time to shit, or get off the pot…
  • Those that are traveling from outside the Washington, DC area…

If that describes you and your partner, come work with me in a highly intense and compact format that gets you off the dime and takes your relationship to the next level, whatever that might be.

I transform relationships.

  • I work in a sequenced and condensed process that gives couples the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.
  • Singing my skills as a master-trained Relational Life Therapist (aka Terry Real’s “The New Rules of Marriage”), I offer a unique Couple’s Weekend Intensive that is effective and results-driven.
  • Through my laser-like emotional precision and a direct, no bullshit approach, I get to the heart of the issue in a timely manner.

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The process of change is accelerated to move you and your partner toward the next step in your relationship.

How does it work?

Through four sessions, two hours each (a total of eight hours), progress can be made in a shortened amount of time, rather than the months it would take in once a week couple’s therapy.

This a personalized experience, not a group. The weekend will be focused entirely on you as a couple.

Where will we start?

I will lead you through a process that…

  • Assesses the current state of the relationship and identifies the core dysfunctional dance of the two partners;
  • Determines the next possible steps in a relationship and weighs all options;
  • Commits to a next course of action;
  • Begins work on the decided path;

Where will we end?

After two days, we will have…

  • A clear path forward for your relationship;
  • A detailed outline of how each of you needs to “work your side” for that desired outcome;
  • A better version of each partner, whether the relationship stays intact or not;
  • An understanding of your relationship and how it came to be as it is;
  • A clearer picture of what a healthy relationship looks and feels like;

It’s time to do something different. What are you waiting for?
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Steve and Lisa

Dallas, Texas
It was mind-blowing! Ginger is great. The weekend far exceeded our expectations.

Bob and Randy

New York, New York
I wanted to work with Ginger early in our relationship – before growing in our bad habits. Looking back, I don’t know how anyone has a happy or healthy marriage without doing this kind of work. We’ve since gotten married with confidence and, for maybe the first time in our lives, feel stable and safe. Ginger didn’t just help us resolve the issues we thought we had at hand – she taught us how to have those and future conflicts in productive ways. She helped us see the places we each get stuck individually and where we get stuck as a couple, helped us heal those wounds, and helped us learn to help ourselves and each other through it in the future.

Sharon and Kate

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
When I first called Ginger to obtain information, I thought she was incredibly expensive. But she turned out to be quite affordable as she saved our marriage. People forget that divorce is even more expensive than therapy, but failure to live life to the fullest cannot be measured. Not only did Ginger teach us how to fall in love again, the process helped with all of our relationships. Hiring Ginger was the best decision we have ever made together.

Phil and Barbara

Manchester, New Hampshire
Damn. She’s good!

John and Catherine

Richmond, Virginia
I found Ginger from a friend who said, ‘if there’s one person who can save your relationship, it’s Ginger.’ And she did.

Jack and Paige

Atlanta, Georgia
I can’t express the amount of gratitude I feel for Ginger’s wisdom, compassion, and guidance. My wife and I now have relationship skills that have been battlefield tested and we couldn’t be happier.

Warren and Susan

Charleston, South Carolina
I feel very fortunate that we found you! Thank you so much, Ginger. We both gained a lot from our weekend together. Your intuitiveness, thoughtful demeanor and approach to your craft was very refreshing. I think you may have found your calling.