About Therapy

“Therapy” is the Greek word for change.

You are here, reading this, because something in your life or in your relationship is not working.

You want change.

Talk therapy – the exchange of feelings and thoughts put into words – is curative.

When successfully engaged, therapy leads to uniquely beneficial shifts: the relief of distress, the opening of possibility, a new perspective on self and others, new found strength to navigate future curve balls, greater capacity for successful human relationships, and a stronger emotional and relational legacy to leave the next generation.

An analogy of a journey is fitting.

Together, we will venture into the unknown – both to alleviate symptoms and to enhance the growth of your personality. On our voyage, we will explore the residues of the past – with a sense of anticipation, excitement, and some trepidation – that you might gain the freedom and flexibility toward self-understanding and creative expression.

As your guide, I will be helpful in making sure your emotional travels are successful – because, face it – true release from deeply entrenched symptoms and self-defeating patterns is not easy or you would have done so already on your own

By working together, we have a fighting chance to make desired and lasting transformation yours.

I look forward to getting to know you – the you of today and the even better you we will find on our journey together.

About Ginger Sullivan, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA

I admit it’s a bit cluttered. My office, that is.

I prefer to call it “homey,” like a loved-up living room that holds the stories and artifacts of the many lives it has contained, soothed, and healed over the years. There are a few live plants growing in the sunny, garden-facing window. I figure if I can’t keep them alive, I can’t help you thrive.

Stacks of books are scattered about.

Yes, this is where I sit… day in and day out. My feet are usually propped up. My drink-of-choice-at-the moment in hand. My eyes and heart are on you.

My office is a warm place of curiosity and feeling, kindness and attention, pain, and joy … the entire package of the human experience awaiting to give you or your relationship a space for growth and change. Transformation and abundance. Whatever you bring, it makes room. It takes what you no longer want and need, and replaces it with what you do.

As a psychotherapist, certified group therapist, certified relational life coach at the master level (AKA, Terry Real’s “The New Rules of Marriage”), mom, author and fumbling human being, I have dedicated my life to studying the human experience – life’s raw, real underbelly – so that others might continue their journey to become their highest, best self.

In boring technical terms, I am a modern analyst. What that means is that you and I will together get to the root of the issue that is plaguing you or your relationship in an effective way that allows you to show up differently and better in your life.

Yes … you can have more. I am here to help you.

When I am not nudging folks toward their potential, I am doing so at home with my two teenagers and one grouchy pug. I have a new red stand-up paddleboard that must see more water rather than just the wall of my garage. I love color, anything Parisian, all things spicy, travel-related and vintage.