Individual Therapy

I wish I could show you BEFORE and AFTER pictures. But not only would such be unethical and illegal, it would be impossible. How does one show the world a vastly different internal landscape?

First impression

I always remember the first time I meet a patient. Particularly when he or she is remarkably transformed by the time they tell me good-bye. Sometimes, I look at a new patient and think, “What am I going to do with this person sitting on my green couch?” He or she seems so far off the mark from their potential.

Then I hear his or her story. (Everyone does have a story.)

“Ah.” I think to myself. Now that makes sense. No one is crazy to themselves. Those personality edges, defensive structures, and mile-high walls are there for a reason.

Compassion then swallows me whole, and I am hooked. My mission has begun. I must convince this patient who has trusted me with his/her well-being that life can be lived a different way – a better way.

Then what happens?

We settle in. We log our hours. We both become deeply invested in creating a Version 2.0 from that barely squeaking by Version 1.0.

By moving the chains from the past out of the way, vitality and freedom emerge. The survival skills of childhood no longer sabotage. Edges soften. The internal emotional core strengthens. Boundaries either become more hardened or more flexible. Feelings are tolerated and even appreciated. Relationships become sustainable. Love is now treasured. Connection is possible. What we want becomes within reach. The “more” becomes viable.

How about you?

What do you long for? Where or with whom do you feel safe? Who comforts you? Is your life meaningful?

Individual psychotherapy is an investment in your life. Just as you spend the time and money getting an education or building a business, psychotherapy is the process of growing and maturing human beings. I can think of nothing more important than making the best of what you have – your one life.

Are we a match?

If you are looking for a short-term solution, a crisis managed, or some superficial advice, I am not your therapist.

But, if you are interested in making the most of you, call me. Long-term character change toward your highest, best self is what I do.