You are self-reflective. You recognize yourself as a whole being and work toward a deeper self-awareness.

You are growth-oriented. You know that you are always a work in progress. You can appreciate where you are while wanting to keep learning and becoming the best version of you.

You set personal goals and work to achieve them.

You understand that bad moments and bad days don’t define you. That life is a mixed bag for everyone.

You take life seriously but not too seriously. You appreciate its preciousness while laughing along the way. You allow yourself to make mistakes.

You are compassionate towards self and others.

You recognize and cope with triggers in yourself and those you love. You have active ways of self-soothing.

You know what depletes you and replenishes you.  You actively seek to restore your body, mind and soul.

You respect boundaries in self and others.

You can know and manage your emotions in a healthy way.

You know how to speak your truth while staying connected to another.

You accept that life demands we live it on its terms. You understand that distractions, compulsive behaviors, and addictions keep us from true vitality. 

You work to know when to hang on and when to let go.

You are enjoying your life.