I am not a big fan of Mother’s Day. Any female can give birth, but not every woman can raise a child.

Mind you, I participate anyways. Hallmark gets my money and my mother is happy to hear from me. But, something seems off about this forced day of recognition and for many, pain. There’s got to be some other way to honor and feel gratitude for those that step up to the plate to care for others.

Because, the reality is that mother is a verb, not a title. We all need mothering and sometimes, the best and most mothering available does not come from our biological mother or even a woman. No matter our age, we all need nurturance. Attention. Affection. Someone to sing us a song. Cook us our favorite meal. Track the details of our life. We all need a rock to stand on when life shatters and we are left with close to nothing. We all need a cheering team. An emotional home. Someone that tells us that we are going to be okay. Someone that never loses hope. Someone to believe in our value and potential more than we do. Someone that has taken the time and energy to become alive and can model how to do the same.

You got that?

If so, take a moment today – in silence or with words – to appreciate your gift. For, it is a gift, not a given. A gift that many don’t have.

If you are one of the unfortunate that haven’t found a mother, make it a point between now and next May, to go get one. Like the children’s book, “Are You My Mother?”, keep searching. Whether a steam shovel or a cow (you gotta read the book), there are loving human beings out there with extra emotional resources to heap on your plate. Fill it up and then sit back and feast. You deserve it.

And if you are one of those giving trees, you don’t have to wait for recognition from Hallmark. Celebrate yourself today. You have been tapped with plenty, an abundance to share. Put your feet up today, for tomorrow, you’re back to loving the world. And that’s one helluva privileged job.