“A little to the left, Johnny!”

“Ah, too much. Back right a bit.”

Evidently, if you are on a long flight cross country, the airplane is never on course. In fact, it stays off course. Those pilots we imagine eating chips and flirting with the flight attendants are actually busy. They are constantly course correcting. Doing the next right thing to get the airplane back on track. For the moment.

We do the same thing, you know. Except instead of compassionately accepting our perpetual imbalance as the norm, we beat ourselves up for it.

“Why did I overeat yesterday?” or “I’m terrible for neglecting the wife and kids due to my big work project this week.”

Lighten up. We are never in perfect harmony.

Instead, like the uniformed men and women who keep our skies safe, just course correct.

What needs your attention today? What have you been putting less energy into that is due a turn?

Life entails continuous decision-making surrounding behaviors that maintain our life and expand our life. Your flight will go smoother if you accept your imperfection. Just do the next right thing that will keep your plane pointed in the direction you want to go.