Do you know that we have an “internal thermostat” that unconsciously tracks the amount of goodness in our lives? It’s as of our nervous system can only tolerate so much love and positive energy before it blows. When it reaches its limit, it signals us to stop the flow of abundance. Thus, we find a way to sabotage – via self-criticism, an “accident” or another driven destructive behavioral choice. Once we are back in our comfort zone, we sigh relief. Back to the safety of the familiar.

Sad, really. That the predictable merry-go-round wins out over the thrill of the rollercoaster. We limit life’s abundance due to fearful internal restriction, to the point that we don’t even give ourselves the opportunity for more.

To hell with that.

Our emotional work is all about expansion. Opening the ceiling that life’s goodness can overflow. So that every day, we can have and hold, love and be loved without the need to keep it contained, controlled, limited and managed.

You with me?

For the rise of your life …