I did not see that one coming.

We all can write that chapter. The one that snuck up on us. The one that wasn’t what he or she appeared to be. The out-of-nowhere stressor that popped up like an eerie jack-in-a-box. The phone call or text message that something – someone – who once was is now not.

I did not see that one coming.

Life can be beautiful but it definitely is unpredictable. Anything can happen at any moment. It’s a wonder we have the courage to put our feet on the floor every morning. Our warm comforter seduces us into safety.

Thus, to withstand life’s inevitable stress we need resilience. A stock pile of resources that help us adapt to a shifting ground. Tools that allow us to either keep standing or stand back up when we fall.

What’s in your tool-box? Our long-term health requires the building and maintenance of both a variety and a plenty of coping skills. Think wholistic. Taking care of your body (sleep, nutrition, exercise), your heart (emotional literacy, therapy), your soul (values, meaning, meditation), your community (friends, family and partnership) and your mind (intellect, hobbies, reading).

The more you strengthen your adaptive capacity, the less fearful you are. Life becomes less threatening. Thus, you can grab it with gusto, show up with both feet in. For, when the shit hits the fan – and it will – you are walking solid. You’ve done your prep work. You may not have seen it coming, but you knew it was coming. And you were ready.