Children aren’t supposed to know how to manage their feelings. It’s your job to both teach and model emotional health.

So, when your child is an uncontained mess, you have two healthy options:

1. Process your feelings – fast – so that you can be the regulated, sane party. Tune in to what you feel in your body. Do some quick self-soothing and grounding. Get yourself centered and then focus on what your child feels and needs.

2. If Option 1 above is not within your emotional wheelhouse yet, then recognize the sh@$show in both you and your child and put yours on the back burner. You can attend to your reactive feelings later. You need to be there for your child right now. Why? Because you at least have some life experience to know that you will survive this. Your child doesn’t. In his/her immature head and heart, it feels like the end of the world and it’s your job to be their lifeline. At least if being a good parent interests you.

Be the adult here, folks. Your kids – and their kids – are counting on you.

For the rise of your life …

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