Me too. Me too.

No, it’s not about you right now.

It’s about the emotional experience of the person sitting across from you. The one you claim to love and care about.

But, I can relate. Isn’t that empathy?

Yes and no.

When you emotionally connect with another person, you share emotional energy. So, yes, it can be helpful to find a similar feeling in yourself from which you can understand and validate your loved one’s experience.

But, at least initially, don’t tell them where your compassion comes from. Because if you do, it steals the attention away from him/her and makes it now about you. Not your best relational move.

It’s a much better move to use your ability to tap into a universal feeling from your own experience but keep the focus on the person you love.

And, then after spending time in his/her world, at some point you might share that yes, I too, had that same thing happen to me.

But, it’s all about sequencing. And placement of energy. And love. And presence. And generosity.

Make sense?

For the rise of your life …

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