One of the best definitions of psychotherapy I’ve ever heard is that we take the parts of someone that aren’t likable and we turn them into someone that’s more lovable. Bring me your shit and we shall turn water into wine. Sifting through the no longer needed, polishing up the keepers and discovering the long ago hidden gold.

What an adventure.

But, sometimes, I admit, someone walks into my office and I wonder – to myself, of course – what the hell am I going to do with this one?

Despite my less than welcoming interior, the patient boldly sits. And if able to be verbal, he or she starts to talk. Their story rolls out like a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle bursting from the seams of a tattered box.

Five minutes in and I am in love. With the revealed contextual perspective, I am awed by this person’s ability to sit there with any functioning left in them. I need Party City on speed dial. This person deserves a parade for all he or she endured. My respect alone changes my tune.

Friends, get the back story before your heart goes cold. Maybe someone can do better now, but their presentation makes sense in their autobiography. Allow love to do what it does best – overcome.

For the rise of your life …