The little bird was so desperate. “Are you my mother?” it asked the cow and the steam shovel. It would have probably asked anyone or anything that crossed its path. It needed to find a home.

Let’s face it … we all want to be mothered, regardless of our age. Our heart longs for someone to bring us chicken soup when we are sick. Someone to anticipate our needs. Someone that puts our wants and wishes above their own.

It’s human to desire to be taken care of. To not have to always be the one that is the resourceful, generous one.

Today, on Hallmark’s favorite day, take a moment and reflect.

If you had a wonderful mother, by all means, celebrate the hell outta her. She has earned it.

If you had a “good enough” mother, join the festivities. You are still in the lucky category.

If you had others who mothered you (and you did, or you wouldn’t be alive to read this), then find them and thank them. They are your true mothers.

If you are a mother, gifted with the immense task of raising another human being, then heap some gratitude upon yourself. You deserve it.

And, lastly, don’t forget to mother yourself. You can do that, you know. You can say “hello” to that small child that still exists in your aged, competent adult body. The one that screams – quietly or loudly – for attention, care, play, and a warm cookie right before dinner.

Mothering continues and grows the human race. We get a whole day out of the other 364 to recognize such value. Regardless of your story, find your place in this day, because even if its not obvious, you do have one.

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