Got Emotional Strength?

If so, you …

Keep going when the odds are stacked against you.

Feel all your feelings rather than avoiding the painful ones.

Shut your mouth when you want to yell venom to someone you care about.

Not take something personal when it isn’t about you.

Own your part in relational rupture.

Know and set limits.

Tolerate difference.

Dig for compassion.

Are curious rather than judgmental.

State what you want and need in a clear and moderated manner.

Respect others.

Are humble when you’d rather be right.

Ask for clarification when you don’t understand.

Have the capacity to feel empathy.

Hold your own while making room for the other.

Assume risk.

Stay in the game when it gets difficult.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Bounce back when there is little bounce left.

Adapt to change.

Commit to a lifetime of growing and learning.