One of my favorite children’s stories is the Wizard of Oz.  As a story, it is delightful but as a metaphor, it is profound. We all are walking that yellow brick road … trying to get what we are missing, trying to get back home. Ideally, this journey is alongside others – who wouldn’t want to be in group therapy with the Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, Dorothy and of course, Toto?  We push onward with much fantasy and expectation toward the Great Oz … for he (or she) is supposed to have all the answers and can truly “fix” us.  But it is only in the harsh revealing of the truth – that Oz is no more powerful than we are – that we lapse into a greater truth – – that all I need I already have inside me. If I trust the process, and dig a little deeper, I will get what I need.  It has been there all along. 

One of my best examples of this is what I call my “3:00 a.m. moments.” They are such a gift. Lucky for me, I usually can fall right back to sleep. But somehow, somewhere, perhaps between dream states, my mind and heart awaken me with some thought or feeling rolling itself into my consciousness with poignant clarity. Sometimes it is a solution to a problem I have been mulling over. Sometimes it is an idea needing creative expression. And sometimes it is an insight about myself that I have been avoiding wanting to know. Whatever the case, I know that it is something that I need to pay attention to and 3:00 a.m. seems to be the time that my wiser self knows that I will finally listen. I am truly grateful.

May you continue along the yellow brick road to your healthier self – somewhere over the rainbow – but always inside of you.

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