Turn on the air conditioning.

Are we done yet?

I can’t go there today.

This work is exhausting. Sounds like comments overheard at the gym. Sweat dripping, tormented faces, exhausted bodies. Yet, it’s the same scene in my office – I am running an emotional gym. Getting folks in shape to not only handle life, but to kill it.

“What’s my diagnosis?” I was asked that question for the umpteenth time the other day.

“You are a human being. That’s your diagnosis.”

The patient looked both relieved and perplexed, as if there should be some shame in having a psychotherapist in their life. But, I am not about the mentally ill. I am about the mentally well. Because, most of us spend at least twelve years preparing our thinking function to be an adult. Algebra, Biology, English, History. All subjects that are helpful when it comes to earning a paycheck and carrying on an intellectual conversation. But, where do we learn how to attune to our inner emotional world? And what the hell do we do with our wants, needs and feelings when it comes to navigating an intimate relationship? Not only do most of us have no clue, but we must unlearn whatever dysfunction was modeled for us when we were young and new in this journey of life.

Face it … we all need an emotional gym. A set place and time to strengthen the muscles of the heart. An opportunity to take risks, try new things, discover unchartered territory in the land of feelings and relationships.

Do you have that? If not, chances are that you are walking around with just your head, cut off from the rest of your body. You might be interesting, but you are probably lonely, disconnected and less available to all that life wants to throw your way.

So, get out of your head and get your ass to the gym. A little sweat and discomfort will do you some good toward making you a more balanced human being.

For the rise of your life …