I’ve lived five decades and never knew that the word “DECIDE” has the root ending from French -cide which derived from Latin -cida (“cutter, killer”), from casedo (“cut, kill”).

Game changer.

When we make a decision, we are engaging in the action of “cutting or killing off.” We are bringing to an end every other option but the one we choose and take home.

No wonder we are commitment-phobic. When we decide, we become murderers. We are picking this over that. Saving this one and killing that one.

Many of us aren’t friends with our aggression. We’d rather hem and haw, sit on the fence, and make everyone happy. We never have to pick a side and grieve the inevitable loss that comes with walking away from a perfectly good option.

But, in never joining a team, we miss the benefits of creating a life with meaning. Deep attachment becomes impossible. Transient, shallow existence leaves unlived life on the table. And that is a tragedy we can avoid.

So, gather your data. Scan options through your head and heart. Consult with your team.

Then, jump. Cut and kill so you can embrace your best choices for a most vibrant life.