Do you ever wish you could practice relationships?

Try new things where the stakes are low.
Make mistakes, learn, come back again, make more mistakes and learn more.
Stretch your comfort zone.
Take in love, spit it out and be loved again anyway.
Take a risk.
Learn to go deeper – whatever that even means or looks like.
Say good-bye with meaningful words rather than the typical avoidance or delay (“Let’s keep in touch” platitudes).
Be tolerated with all your madness.
Be held in your pain.
Be celebrated in your joy.
Master a new relational tool before taking it for a spin in the real world where it counts for more.

You can.
It’s called group therapy.
Same people. Same hour. Every week. Practicing relationship. Growing each other up.

Tell me your questions or ask me for resources in your area.
Because I got your back. I would not want to deprive you from the magic.

For the rise of your life …