It’s sweet Saturday. Finally.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a long week. My house is a mess. My body exhausted. My chore list longer than my Christmas one. But something inside me breathes easier in this moment. Saturday’s clock dances differently. It’s slower, lighter, more infused with spontaneity and even stupidity. Sign me up for that.

An older friend of mine used to say that he only had so many weekends left. I think he meant that to be funny. Or at least sarcastic. Hiding the grim reality that life is limited. Loss is inevitable. Now that my age is creeping up or rather, skipping by, I only have so many of these sweet Saturdays to go.

So, I better embrace. Sip the nectar. Say “yes” to life’s presentation today.

Join the fun, my friend. We’ve got fifteen or so precious hours to savor. Let’s go.