The concept of self-esteem is so elusive. What does it mean? How do we measure it? Do we have enough? Can we have too much? Should everyone get a trophy and does that enhance or diminish authentic esteem?

Hell, if I know.

I prefer the term – self-compassion. And make that a verb, will you? An intentional undertaking to defeat our mighty self-attack.

Self-compassion is having a relationship with our self that involves acceptance. Worthiness. A sense that I am enough and I can forgive myself for all human inadequacy and failure. I allow myself to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. I actively extend inwardly the same kindness and understanding as I would outwardly toward someone else.

Today, visualize cloaking yourself in warm regard. Because, you are a work in progress and self-compassion will take you a long way on your healing journey.