We lost another yesterday. To suicide, that is. Her stores and handbags have now outlived her. Because, for some hidden and unknown reason, she decided to no longer play.

Sometimes, we hear tragedy in the news, and it stings temporarily and then quickly fades. And sometimes, it lingers. Kate Spade’s suicide is sticking with me. I have never even owned one of her polished purses, yet my heart breaks for her, her husband and her daughter.

Suicide discombobulates by stopping the life force in its tracks. Something inside revolts, as if to scream, “it just should not be so.” Yet, when someone decides to take one’s own life, it is a fresh and acute reminder of life’s uncertainty. That sometimes, pain can be so big and so deep that hope is nowhere in sight. Nothing can be done to either know another’s internal abyss or aid the sustenance of its agony until relief shows up. This reality is terrifying.

So, go gently. Be kind to those that share your space in the world. You can never really tell from the outside the composition of the inner life of another. Better to lead with compassion because there is always more than meets the eye.

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