It’s a cardinal rule in coupledom: SPEAK. If you choose to remain voiceless out of either avoidance, fear of conflict, unworthiness, laziness, ease or whatever other foolish excuse you can come up with, then you are not in relationship. You are only enabling your partner to think he or she is in relationship when the only relationship he or she is really in is one with him/herself.

Did you get that? Reread that sentence. Digest its magnitude.

A relationship is defined by the co-existence of two people – two separate parties with differing thoughts, feelings, wants, wishes, histories, cultures, values, opinions and preferences. Therefore, it is essential that both partners put it all on the table.

Then, and only then, can we begin the negotiation, compromise and perhaps, surrender as to both decide and buy-in to all the small and large decisions we need to make as a team.

Sometimes, you get your way.
Sometimes, you don’t.
Sometimes, you get some of your way.
But you always, get your voice.

That, my friends, is true partnership.

For the rise of your life …