A “happy marriage” is a capitalistic concept. It sells expensive engagement rings and throws lavish weddings. But it sets up a bright-eyed couple for a disappointing and harsh fall that many never rebound.

Rather, at best, marriage is secure and satisfying. The benefits outweigh the cost. It enhances the individual lives of the partners as to progress each toward their highest self. It offers an opportunity to regress toward one’s developmental holes as to heal and become whole.


Exactly. Few know what that means and it certainly would not sell glossy ads in a bridal magazine.

And, it is the hard truth. Marriage is nothing except a formalized commitment to stay the course. A public agreement to be on a long-term journey of deep side-by-side exploration with another flawed, imperfect human being.

Not an easy sell. Nor, very sexy. And, I make up that the more the truth gets out there, the more we become clear about what we are signing up for and the less disappointing and softer the fall.

Sounds like the makings of a true romance to me.