“Well, I would behave better if he did,” says the partner, justifying her poor relational move.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. If only it were that easy.

But, love ain’t easy. If we are going to stay in the game long-term, we must show up with generosity, regardless of what our partner is doing.

Like the horses in Central Park, pretend you have blinders on. Not that I am too knowledgeable about the equestrian world, but I imagine that the blinders keep the horses on task.

“Look straight ahead there, Mr. Ed. Give these tourists a nice ride so I can get a large tip. No looking side to side. Just mind your own business and keep doing your job.”

That’s exactly what we need to tell our self. Even the tip part of the metaphor works. Because, if I choose good relational moves in my partnership, then there is a higher likelihood of a good outcome. It’s simple math.

So, put on your blinders. Work your side. Your investment today will reap benefits long-term.

For the rise of your life …