I was putting my daughter to bed recently.  In her own beyond-her-years precociousness, she says to me … “you know, Mom, how you know something in your heart but your brain does not quite know it yet?”  Out of the mouth of my nine-year-old came a perfect description of the unconscious.   That the truth is there  – just sitting, just waiting, sometimes patiently, sometimes not – for us to open our mind and put a thought around it and maybe even a spoken word.   Like tiptoeing in the dark, we sense something, intuit its validity in the depth of our being, only to complete its acknowledgement when it enters the light of our intellectual understanding. 

I don’t know what cloud my head was in but I certainly did not grasp such an abstract concept at the tender age of nine.   In fact, it has taken me more years working on myself than I want to count to begin to trust that the truth, my truth, was tucked inside me, tapping its fingers, waiting for me to listen and to trust it. 

May you have the courage to unbusy your life and your mind to listen to your heart.  It just might have something that it has been dying to tell you.