There is no cure. No magic pill. No easy way. 

How, our inner five-year-old wishes this were different. She or he wants to have cake and eat it too. Literally. And right now, mind you. After all, we deserve this, right? We believe – and justify – that the bricks we walk should be golden and the path simple. 

Rather, life is continuous …at least, until, it is over. If we want to accomplish something, anything, it’s a daily decision on repeat. 

A healthy body. 
An extraordinary relationship. 
A well-adjusted child. 
The pinnacle of my profession. 
A bountiful summer garden. 
The mastery of craft. 

There is no cure. There is no finish line. 

Sure, you can stop. Rest. Bask in your laurels. Pat yourself on the back. But, camp instead of build. For, there is more work to do and letting up too long will lead to that inevitable backslide. One cookie becomes the box. One skipped workout becomes a week’s worth. One turning away from your partner becomes a wall. 

There is no cure. I am sorry to be the one to remind you of this. I do wish I had better news. 

So, stop wishing it were different. Grieve that fairy-tale life you thought you were going to get. The one “they” promised and you deemed owed to you. Instead, garner the next best thing – your choices today. Because, your ability to make one after another is a magic all in itself.

For the rise of your life …