Anyone see Nathan Chen, the US figure skater last night in the Olympics? If you missed it, find the footage. But more importantly, see his story. And more importantly than that, model his character.

He fucked up his short program. Royally. He fell once, maybe twice, so badly that he ended up in 17th place going into the long program.

But, this young man did not quit.

In fact, he did the opposite. He pulled out every stop because he had nothing to lose. He knew he wasn’t going to be standing on the podium. He wasn’t going to be taking home any hardware or smiling at the international paparazzi. Nope. Not him. Not this time. It was mathematically impossible. He missed that chance,

But, he was at the Olympics. And, he had another turn to get on that ice. Another opportunity to show the world what he had been practicing all those early and late hours ever since he could walk.

And, that’s what he did. He threw caution to the wind. And he shocked the world. Not only with his near perfect performance, but one so dazzling and athletically over the top, that it soared him from 17th place to 5th, writing his name in the Olympic record book.

Granted, I’m never gonna do one of those flips, or turns or triple axels. Hell, I’d do well to stand up and glide across the rink without falling on my ass. But, I want to be like Nathan Chen when I grow-up. I want to get right back up after I fall. And not only try again, but come out with so much gusto, that I clamor to the top, scraped knees and all.

That, my friends, makes not only an Olympic story but an excellent tale of a life well-lived. We can make it ours.

For the rise of your life …

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