Wantless and Needless.*

Definition: (noun or adjective) A brilliant psychological adaption whereby a child learns to ignore his or her human needs, creating a false internal belief that he or she no longer has them. This protective move keeps a child from either the chronic pain of unmet needs or the ensuing disappointment that occurs should he or she ask for something and get nothing in return. This psychological state is helpful for the survival of a child yet deadly for the grown adult trying to navigate a healthy self in connected, intimate relationships.

*(Whenever I type those words, freakin’ spell checker tells me that I have made an error. Can Webster please add these new words to our language?)

If this describes you, I both congratulate your strategic creativity and feel heartbroken for your learned current emotional state.

Breaking news — you are a human being with wants and needs. Robot-time is over. Time to find and enliven you.

For the rise of your life …