Are you busy trying to prove your worth to someone? Are you anxiously working to try to make someone love you? Are you calculating all the reasons why someone should see you as a good person?

I hate to rain on your parade (not really), but you are putting your precious life energy in the wrong place.

Do a U-turn. Because, it is you that needs convincing, not someone else. You are the one that has not bought into your worth, value, goodness and lovability. You are the one that needs to shore-up your internal core of being enough and mattering – despite what image someone else might need to have of you.

Yes, sometimes we need to consider our blind spots that others might see more than we do. And yes, we do need others to validate our beauty so that we can begin to take it in and heal our shame. But, learning to hold yourself in warm regard – that is where we need to get busy.


For the rise of your life …