I know it’s not romantic. We so long for love to be organic. We don’t want to admit that we need know-how and skills to take love into the long haul. 

But, spoiler alert: love requires strategy. 

We need to think before we act. We must intentionally be relational in our daily moves if we want love to not only last, but to thrive.

Tip: Ask yourself, “what is my best relational move right now?” 

Probably not to storm out, when a moderated statement of needing space would work better. 

Probably not to seep resentment from an unresolved and unrepaired rupture from yesterday, when a request to talk and be heard would do the relationship wonders. 

Probably not to get defensive, when a simple slice of humble pie would heal rather than hurt.

Step it up, friends. I get that adulting is difficult, but we can’t expect our love lives to remain in fairyland. They aren’t going to last without your doing the hard stuff of taking care of them.

What is your best relational move right now?

For the rise of your life …